Complex "Expedition"



The area of the real Far North of Russia may be found in the center of Moscow near the “Kitay-gorod” metro station, within the walls of the “Expedition” complex. Restaurant of the Northern cuisine, Siberian delicacy products shop, Russian Siberian steam baths, the shops of the unique gifts, rare and exclusive souvenirs. Dear friends, we are waiting for you at the following address: 6, Pevchesky lane, Moscow

Hello, dear Heroes and Enchantresses!

  • My name is Alexander Kravtsov. More than 10 years ago my friends and I thought that it would be impossible to combine a way of life, business and youthful romance. However, we have been steadfastly moving towards this goal, in order to accommodate you. The staff of this establishment travels throughout the territories of our homeland, but focuses primarily on the Northern regions. We have a close relationship with the people who obtain the highest organic ingredients from Russia. It is those people that we learn the many traditions, legends and songs from to share with you, in order to give you the most authentic representation of our country. We are proud to have created this traditional atmosphere for you to enjoy. We welcome you as our new friends to the “Expedition” world.

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